Update (2018): This guide is outdated. Please refer to our comprehensive user guide.

What this guide is about

Speechling is an online platform that lets anyone comfortable learn to speak a new language.

It uses polyglot Khatzumoto's 10000 sentence method to teach grammar and vocabulary by using it in context. More importantly, it teaches people on how to speak a language through individualized pronunciation feedback.

How to use Speechling

We're going to outline here exactly how to use the website.

Cards Page - Where the studying happens

Here, the user is presented with a flashcard with a sentence in a foreign language, along with the translation.

In order to record,

  1. Press the red record button, and allow us to record you
  2. Talk into the microphone
  3. Press the stop button to stop recording

Now, you have the option to save your recording for coaching by hitting the button "Save for Coaching".

Thats it!

Audio journal page - Where coaching happens

Here you can see all of the recordings that you have saved since the very beginning of your journey.

You can see a brief description of your coach, and filter the audio using two methods:

  1. List View - This is a simple listing of all the recordings that you have done. Use the arrow keys to scroll between the views.
  2. Date View - This filters by date. It defaults to today, and you can use the arrow keys to navigate between days, or use the datepicker to skip to a particular date.

The table contains information about when you recorded something, the sentence in the original language, the native recording, your recording, and feedback from your coach.

Feedback can be one of three things:

  1. "No feedback yet" This means that you're recording is still fairly fresh, and your coach hasn't gotten to it yet.
  2. Looks good! This means that the recording sounds pretty good, passable for a native or a highly proficient speaker.
  3. An audio recording This is what you came for. Your coach will most likely: repeat your mistake and follow it up with the correct pronunciation, say a note on how to make it better in the native tongue, or even do something completely different.

You can also re-record old recordings on this page. It has the same interface as the cards page. After uploading, the re-record button will disappear. Recordings will immediately show up on the Audio Journal page upon refreshing the page.

Settings page - Where to level up, hop between languages, and set new goals

This should be a pretty familiar page. Tweak whatever you want on this page, and hit "Save" at the bottom to change your settings. This is also the page where you can log out.

"I want to learn" refers to the language that you are trying to learn.

"I would like to see translations in" refers to whether you want to see translations, and if so, in what language.

Both of these are immediately reflected in the app page.

"Difficulty" refers to the level of the language that you think you are at. You can change this at any time.

"Daily card goal" refers to the number of cards that you want to go through each day. This is not the number of recordings that you see.

Last but not least, the community

We have a dedicated group of language learners at on our Slack community. Request an invite to join a group where you can speak to the creators of the site, propose new features, and get even more help on your pronunciation.

Thanks for using Speechling, and reach out to hongyu [at] speechling.com if you have any questions about our service not addressed in this guide.