101 Basic Russian Phrases for Travel in Russia

101 Basic Russian Phrases for Travel in Russia

The Russian language is wonderful if you're travelling through a country like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and of course Russia itself! Overall, there are about 250 million Russophones spread over East Europe and Central Asia. No doubt, you'll find plenty of places there that are more than worth visiting.

If you're planning to travel through any Russian speaking country, English is only going to take you so far. While a lot of people speak it, you'll have a much easier and enjoyable time if you have some Russian under your belt. So a toolbox of some basic Russian words and phrases will make your experience more fun and give you a chance to impress the locals. It will also help you improve your Russian in no time.

So for this article we're going to give you the 101 more important Russian phrases for travelling.
A Russian Girl Holds a List of Basic Russian Travel Words

The Absolute Essential Russian Words for Travel

Below we've gone over a range of topics to give you 101 essential phrases for Russian travel. This goes from the very basics to ordering out at a restaurant and what to say in an emergency. So with these basic phrases in Russian, you should have no problem introducing yourself, shopping, or travelling in a Russian speaking area.

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The Very Basic Russian Phrases.

So let's get things started with the very, very basic words that you'll need to get by. This includes things like hello, yes, and no.

  1. Здравствуйте. Hello (formal)
  2. Привет. Hello (less formal)
  3. Доброе утро. Good morning
  4. Добрый день. Good day/good afternoon
  5. Добрый вечер. Good evening
  6. Очень приятно. Nice to meet you
  7. Пожалуйста. Please
  8. Спасибо. Thank you
  9. Пожалуйста. You’re welcome
  10. Не за что. You're welcome (less formal)
  11. Да. Yes
  12. Нет. No
  13. Извините. Excuse me. (getting attention or begging pardon).
  14. Простите. Excuse me. (begging pardon)
  15. Простите. I'm sorry
  16. где туалет? Where's the toilet?
  17. Что это такое? What is this?
  18. Это. This thing
  19. До свидания. Goodbye
  20. Пока. Goodbye (informal)

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Communication Problems in Russian

Of course, you're bound to run into a few problems trying to communicate in Russian. For that you can use these phrases to make things easier.

  1. Я не говорю по-русски (хорошо). I can't speak Russian (well)
  2. Вы говорите по-английски? Do you speak English?
  3. Здесь кто-то говорит по-английски? Is there someone here who speaks English.
  4. Я не понимаю. I don't understand
  5. Я не знаю - I don't know
  6. Я не услышал/а - I didn't hear you (m/f)
  7. Повторите, пожалуйста. Can you repeat that?

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Introducing Yourself in Russian

Now that we've gone over the communication essentials in Russian, we can move onto the fun stuff. The parts where you actually get to talk about yourself and others.

  1. Как Вас зовут? What is your name?
  2. Меня зовут ... . My name is ... .
  3. Откуда вы? Where are you from?
  4. Я из ..... I'm from
  5. Как дела? How are you?
  6. Хорошо. Good/well
  7. Не хорошо. Not good
  8. Плохо. Bad(ly)

Russian Numbers

Numbers-How to Count in Russian

If you're travelling, you're going to be shopping and that means knowing your numbers is absolutely essential. Take a look at the list below, so you know how much money to give the shopkeeper at the restaurant or kiosk.

  1. Один. one
  2. Два. two
  3. Три. three
  4. Четыре. four
  5. Пять. five
  6. Шесть. six
  7. Семь. seven
  8. Восемь. eight
  9. Девять. nine
  10. Десять. Ten
  11. Двадцать. Twenty
  12. Тридцать. Thirty
  13. Сорок. Fourty
  14. Пятдесят. Fifty
  15. Шестьдесят. Sixty
  16. Семьдесят. Seventy
  17. Восемьдесят. Eighty
  18. Девяносто. Ninety
  19. Сто. One hundred.
  20. Сколько стоит? How much does it cost?

Russian Desserts

Ordering Food and Eating Out in Russian

Of course, once you know how to talk about numbers you should also get ready to go out and enjoy some food. If you're in Russia, you'll have a lot of options for cuisine including borsch, shchi, and shashlyk. You can find something at a kiosk, restaurant, or bar. So find something вкусный (tasty).

  1. Ресторан. Restaurant
  2. Бар. Bar
  3. Вода. Water
  4. Завтрак. Breakfast
  5. Обед. Lunch
  6. Ужин. Dinner
  7. Я хочу... I want...
  8. Дайте....., пожалуйста ..... I’d like a .... please
  9. Кофе. Coffee
  10. Суп. Soup
  11. Чай. Tea
  12. Я вегетарианец. I'm a vegetarian
  13. я не ем свинину. I don't eat pork
  14. я не ем мясо. I don't eat meat
  15. Я принимаю только кошерную пищу. I only eat Kosher
  16. Счёт, пожалуйста. Check, please

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Travel And Transport

If you don't plan to spend all of your time in one spot, it's good to know how to get somewhere else.

  1. Билет. Ticket
  2. Автобус. Bus
  3. Поезд. Train
  4. Такси. Taxi
  5. Лет. Flight
  6. Метро. Subway/metro
  7. Когда? When?
  8. Сколько времени? At what time?
  9. Который час? At what time?
  10. Один билет в .... , пожалуйста. One ticket to ... please.


  1. Как добраться до ... ? How do I get to...?
  2. где находится...? Where is the...?
  3. Хостел. Hostel
  4. Гостиница. Hotel
  5. Улица. Street
  6. Направо. To the right
  7. Налево. To the left
  8. Вперёд. Straight ahead
  9. Это недалеко отсюда. It’s not far away from here.
  10. Это очень далеко. It’s very far.

Emergency Ambulance


Hopefully, you're trip to a Russian speaking country will go smoothly and without any problems. But it's always good to be prepared. So if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you'll know just what to say.

  1. Полиция! - Police
  2. Мне нужна ваша помощь. I need your help
  3. Это срочно! It's an emergency.
  4. Я заблудился/заблудилась - (m/f).) I'm lost
  5. Я потерял(а) свою сумку. I lost my bag (m/f)
  6. Я потерял(а) свой бумажник. I lost my wallet (m/f)
  7. Я потерял(а) свой паспорт. I lost my passport (m/f)
  8. Я болен (m.) / Я больна (f.) I'm sick
  9. Я ранен(а) I've been injured (m/f)
  10. Мне нужен врач. I need a doctor

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How to Learn Basic Russian Vocabulary

What we've put down here will give you a great start into exploring the culture and people of so many Russian speaking countries and regions. However, if you want to go further in learning the Russian language, the only way is with plenty of practice. And for practicing Russian and more you can rely on Speechling!

With Speechling, you can listen to plenty of basic phrases in Russian and then practice saying them yourself. Then our language coaches will give you tips so that you can move from the basics of Russian to higher and higher levels until your talking with native speakers with ease!