How to Find a Free French Tutor, Class, or Conversation Partner

How to Find a Free French Tutor, Class, or Conversation Partner

Practicing your French conversation skills has never been easier. Thanks to this guide, it also has never been more cost-effective. Instead of spending a ton on overpriced and ineffective tutoring services or on time-consuming language schools, you can learn French and do it for free!

Check out our tips and learn all about the best ways to learn French for free. Read on to find out about the major differences between tutoring services, traditional and online French classes, and French conversation partners online.

Tutor Sitting With Student

Finding Great Tutoring Services

A tutor is a French conversation teacher like no other. Having a tutor means that you can have access to individualized tutoring services that can be customized to provide you the best way to learn French.

With a tutor, you can discuss ways to learn that would be best for you. A good tutor will be able to provide you an assessment to figure out how you learn languages best, and then adapt their teaching methods to your learning style. An experienced tutor will have the resources and knowledge needed to know how to find out what type of learner you are, so don't fret if you're not quite sure!

A tutor will also provide you one-on-one French conversation practice in a realistic setting. You'll be able to talk about subjects that interest you and that are relevant to your life.

Teacher showing student notes

Since you usually pay a tutor, that person will have to prepare each "class" specifically based on your requests. This means that you have complete control over each session, which is hard to beat.

Depending on a tutor's qualifications, you will pay more for someone with a ton of education and experience. That's not to say that you can't find a free tutor!

The trick is to find someone who wants to learn something that you know how to do. Know how to write blog articles? make social media posts? organize a house? Take what you know how to do and leverage it into free tutoring.

Finding a tutor to exchange services with doesn't have to be difficult. Many local communities have pages set up where tutors advertise their services. One of the best places can be on social media such as Facebook or Craigslist. Similarly, you can make a post seeking a tutor. In the right social media group, you'll have a good amount of people who will see your message.

Students learning in a class

Finding a Great Language Class

Whereas a tutor can help you by giving you a personalized session, a language class can allow you to work on developing those amazing French skills and meet friends at the same time.

There are a ton of possible French classes in brick and mortar establishements such as at local community colleges or even four-year colleges. If you don't want to put out the money or get a grade, you can try to audit the class for cheaper (and possibly even for free!).

A simple search can also reveal the many language schools that exist in your area. A language school can help you learn French conversation skills and expose you to a group of students who have the same language interests as you.
Language classroom
Whereas an informal or college French class as well as a language school may be on the pricier side, there are other more attractive options. Learning online can be the best route for those who are unable to attend a class. For example, Speechling offers language learning based on methods that allow for the best way to learn French. You can be hooked up with a free language coach, an awesome community of learners, and tons of pronunciation practice!

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Finding a French Conversation Partner

If taking classes or hiring a tutor is not your thing, you are still in luck. Conversation partners are a great way to make a friend while also perfecting your language skills.

A conversation partner can be less stressful than a class since it's less of a teacher-student relationship and more of a friend-to-friend situation.

There exist two main types of conversation partners. The first type is often someone in your community or online who wants to learn the language that you speak fluently. Your partner and you will set up times when you'll speak French and, in exchange, you'll also have some times set aside to practice English or whatever language your partner wants to learn.

Since a conversation partner is also trying to learn a language, they understand the difficulties language learners face.

Some people prefer to find a conversation partner that they can speak with online instead of in person. There are indeed some benefits to having an online partner. It is well documented that chat rooms can be advantageous for learners.

For people who have those moments where they "forget" everything they know, an online setting may be less anxiety provoking. And yet, it still allows you to see facial expressions and social cues as well as learn the foreign language.

A conversation partner doesn't have to only be one person; you can actually have conversation partners or a small group that you informally meet up with. MeetUp is a great place to start your search for your next BFF group.

Skype is another great place to check out for language partners. You can search people's profiles by language; many times, native French speakers will put in their profile that they are seeking English speakers to converse with.

The best way to learn French is to find someone who you will click with. Speaking regularly is important, so finding someone you have things in common with will help you to stay motivated and on a schedule.