How to Relax in Germany for German Language Learners

How to Relax in Germany for German Language Learners

\The results of relaxing are the same everywhere, but the ideas of what is relaxing differs around the world. Areas like spas and resorts are expected to be places where you can go to relax, regardless of your culture. Then there are ways to relax that are much more culturally or personality specific.

Germans are incredibly different from Americans and Canadians. People from North America tend to be stereotyped as outgoing and boisterous. This is in stark contrast to Germans who tend to be calmer and more reserved. If you are more introverted, you will probably find the German idea of relaxing a lot more along the lines of what you need to unwind.

If you are traveling to Germany with a significant other, you may want a slightly different kind of relaxation.

Whatever your preference, you can almost certainly find a great way to relax when you visit Germany.


Relaxation Lingo

Younger Germans have adopted a more casual vocabulary for relaxing that is heavily influenced by English speaking countries. For example, younger Germans often use relaxen and chillen when talking about enjoying some down time. These terms are likely to get disapproving looks from older Germans, who opt to use sich entspannen.

The traditional German term to relax reflects the fact that it is something you do for yourself. For example, when you want to tell someone that you plan to relax over the weekend, you would say, "Ich entspanne mich am Wochenende." With a stricter translation, you get a saying that is more along the lines of "I am relaxing myself this weekend."

There is a second reflexive word, sich erholen, which is used more like an English speaker saying that he is decompressing. After a particularly long, stressful, or tiring week, you would tell someone that you are going to decompress at the pool by saying, "Ich erhole mich beim Pool."

relxing in the woods

5 Places You Can Relax in Nature

A lot of people find being surrounded by nature to be particularly relaxing. While you may not go to Germany to enjoy nature, you can find a lot of surprisingly natural beauty locally, often not too far from the large cities.

If you are interested in other natural places to help relieve stress and get out in the fresh air, you can check out the German National Tourist Board for other ideas.

The Black Forest

Home to many of the stories told by the Grimm Brothers, the Black Forest is a huge tourist attraction, and it is hard to find a better place to spend time outdoors. From tours and day trips to amazing places to photoshoots and unique souvenirs, you can relax in nature and return to civilization all within a few hours. It’s an experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world – and it gives you a chance to imagine being in one of those famous fairy tales.

Kassel’s Wilhelmshöhe Hillside Park

Just a two hour drive or a really quick ride on the high-speed rail, this park is known for its gorgeous hiking areas and cascading waters. It is renowned for its numerous water features that provide a natural music around the park. At the heart of the hiking area is the Hercules, a landmark that looks like it belongs in the middle of Athens, Greece. It’s a place where it is easy to find tranquility and escape the hustle and bustle of more populous locations.

Riverboat on the Rhine

The Rhine is a famous river for many reasons and traveling along its waters can be particularly relaxing because of the obvious history along its long, romantic banks. By taking a tour on the riverboat, you can cruise up the river, taking in all of the beauty. Along the way, you’ll even get a look at one of the most stunning castles in the country. It’s a great way of making sure you block out enough time to just rest.

The Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park

If you love the beach, you aren’t going to find the kinds of touristy beaches you get in southern Europe. German beaches are located to the north, and that means that they are more like the beaches in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. The beaches offer a breathtaking view, especially toward the end of the day. This particular National Park is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a place that will remain relaxing and protected from the problems common to the more touristy beaches. You can enjoy the day riding along the beach, visiting the mudflats to check out the local water creatures, and enjoying a gorgeous night under the stars.

The Gorgeous Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz

Another UNESECO World Heritage Site, the Garden Kingdom is the largest English landscaped garden in continental Europe. There are many tours, including walking, biking, and horseback riding, that take you around the spectacular grounds. If you visit during the spring, you will see the gardens in bloom, a sight that you will never forget.


4 Places You Can Relax and Socialize

Nature isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some people prefer to enjoy being surrounded by other people, all relaxing at the same time. If this sounds like a better way of destressing, here are four options to consider. Of course, you can enjoy all of the major cities, but if you want something a little different, here are some interesting options.

The Tropical Island Resort

Germany may not be known for inviting peaceful island get aways - but they know how to create one in the absence of the kinds of beaches enjoyed in the southern parts of Europe. Just 50 kilometers outside of Berlin is a 100, 000 square meter rainforest housed in the Topical Islands dome. The resort offers a spa and heated pools in a tropical environment. Whether you want to spend a few hours there relaxing or decide to stay for a night, this is one way for a more typical method of relaxing in a place where you don't expect to find a tropical forest.

Freiburg Weekend

Located near the border with both Switzerland and France, Freiburg offers a wealth of activities for tourists, families, and business visitors looking to escape work for a bit. If you can set aside a weekend in the city, you are sure to find something to keep you happily occupied. From a spectacular zoo to football games to Martins Brau Brewery, you can find an activity to help you escape for a few hours, a day, or an entire weekend before getting back to your busy schedule.

The Romantic Road

If you are with a significant other, this could be a great place to go to really enjoy a bit of alone time. It is a tourist hotspot, and during the peak period rooms can be difficult to find. If you can set aside an entire week to travel the road, there is more than enough to see to keep you and your partner happily occupied as you travel through several major hubs, such as Neuschwanstein Castle, Dinkelsbühl, and Augsburg.

Lake Constance

This is one of the most popular tourist locations located in the southern part of Germany. Located along the Alps, you can escape into nature if you don’t want to spend all of your time roaming the streets of this year-round tourist destination. However, if you love the vibe of a gorgeous German town along a lake with an amazing view of the mountains, this is the place for you to visit to really feel like you are on vacation.


Take the Time to Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Whether you are in Germany for busines or fun, you may find yourself wanting a bit of down time. Whatever your preferred method of escaping to experience a bit of relaxation, you can find it just a few hours from wherever you are staying.