The Best French Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

The Best French Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

There’s a reason why podcasts are getting more and more popular by the minute.
You are stuck in traffic? Podcasts.
You have to do your laundry? Podcasts.
You are taking a walk? Yes, podcasts!
Whatever we do, we want to seize the day, and not waste any minute of it.
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Podcasts and their role in language learning

There are many different podcasts out there on various topics, such as politics, marketing, or life in general. And luckily for all language learners, they include language tips and tricks too.
But not just that, you can now listen to native speakers talk, every day and everywhere! You can hear their opinions, their casual chats, in the most spontaneous way possible.
And this is very important for your foreign language skills, especially if you are studying French.
French requires a bit more time to perfect. And a bit more practice.
French people are known for their unique pronunciation and fast speaking. Once you get your ear used to it, you will be unstoppable.
Listening to French podcasts will get you there – it will help you improve your listening skills, which go hand in hand with your future speaking skills.
Today, I want to share with you top French podcasts that I have bookmarked on my podcast app and that I follow regularly.
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10 best podcasts to help you improve your French skills

Coffee Break French

This is an excellent podcast for beginners who like to listen to podcasts on their coffee breaks, or in the morning, why not?
It is hosted by Mark, who is Scottish but fluent in French (with a top-notch French accent as well), so you’ll be learning from an expert who was once in your shoes. It is for that reason Mark is one of the best people to explain some French rules or exceptions.
As the title suggests, episodes are around 15 minutes long, and you get to listen to real-life dialogues! The podcast is exciting and engaging, so you’ll make progress in no time! There are also episodes for advanced students, check them out on their website.

News in Slow French

If you want to learn French and, at the same time, follow the events worldwide, this is the podcast for you. As you can imagine by the title, this podcast covers news across the globe, but in slow French! If you’ve ever thought French people talk too fast, this might just be the podcast for you.
We should mention that although you can find some free episodes, this podcast is not free. The subscription is $19.99 a month, and you get access to all levels, plus additional learning material. If you’re willing to invest in your French skills, then definitely check this podcast out.

French Pod 101

French Pod 101 takes you into the French language, starting from grammar lessons to cultural ones too. You will have fun; you will learn, and most importantly, you’ll be closer to reaching your fluency level if you choose this podcast.
It is hosted by a native French teacher and an English native speaker who is fluent in French. There are lessons for all levels, so you start from scratch.
Apart from lessons, you will get to listen to everyday conversations and dialogues by French natives.

Daily French Pod

This podcast is coming to you directly from Paris, and it is hosted by highly educated French teachers. Their lessons are based on day-to-day experiences, so you’ll be listening to everyday French conversations. It is interesting to listen to and more importantly, you can easily apply your knowledge later. It’s not hard to follow so you’ll be able to keep up. Some prior French skills would be beneficial, but it is certainly not necessary, as you can use this podcast to get your ear used to French.

Learn French by Podcast

If you are still not convinced, this podcast will prove to you that it is possible to learn French with podcasts. As they say, you can listen to it in your own time and at your own pace. It is great for all levels, as it is available in multiple formats. You get to listen to diverse topics as if you found yourself in the streets of Paris, taking a stroll and enjoying your day. The hosts’ detailed explanations will make you overcome any issue that you might have with the French language. With their unique tips, you will improve not only your comprehension skills, but you will also master your pronunciation.

One Minute French

Although their lessons are actually two to three minutes long, it will feel like a minute for you. It’s a great podcast if you are a beginner because the teacher Pierre-Benoit focuses on the French basics. Your French comprehension will definitely improve if you choose this podcast. It is an excellent choice for your work commutes or relaxing evenings at home.

French your way Podcast

This unique podcast focuses on the French language. Beginners might find it the most useful, but other levels are also welcome to try Jessica’s tips and tricks. She talks about common mistakes that students make, French vocabulary, and the most confusing aspects. However, she also covers other topics and lessons from her teaching experience that are beneficial for every French learner. Great podcast for your daily commute and even better for your personal development.

Easy French Poetry

French poetry is popular worldwide, and with this podcast, you will be able to discover some fantastic French poems. Every poem is read to you twice so that you can analyze it and learn something new. We would recommend it to advanced learners who want to expand their French knowledge and work on their listening skills. Of course, beginners are welcome, as this podcast can be a great helping tool to speed up your French learning journey.

French voices podcast

This podcast is also hosted by Jessica (the above-mentioned “French your way Podcast”), who now welcomes French people into her show and interviews them. If you are an advanced learner trying to find some practical learning tools, this is for you. You will meet a lot of interesting individuals who share their stories with Jessica. You will be able to hear different French accents and learn to recognize them. Episodes are up to 25 minutes long, but you will get a free list of tricky vocabulary with each episode to help you follow. You will take your French to another level if you choose this podcast.

One thing in a French day

This podcast is very chic and exciting because you get to follow Laetitia and her daily activities – in France and in French, of course. She is a native speaker with a beautiful French accent that will make you fall in love with this language even more. She doesn’t speak fast, so don’t be afraid you won’t understand anything. She also offers free access to the podcast transcripts just in case you get lost. With this unique show, you will be able to improve your vocabulary and practice your listening skills.
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One of the reasons I love the digital era is that we can listen to podcasts on the go. They are a lifesaver for my work commutes or cleaning days. But most importantly, I love the fact that I can continuously learn new things. I can listen to different people, hear different languages, study them, and work on my skills every day. What a time to be alive!

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