10 Best French Audiobooks To Learn French

Do you love listening to music and podcasts? What about listening to audiobooks to improve your French? The best audio book is ...

10 Best French Audiobooks To Learn French

If you like reading French books to improve your vocabulary, but you have just been too busy recently to sit down and read, here's our solution: audiobooks.

They make it so much easier to learn and improve your vocabulary while commuting or doing chores. Instead of listening to your music or podcast, you can be submerged in an alternate reality with audiobooks for a few minutes.

So, if you are curious in knowing our selection of audiobooks to learn French, keep on scrolling.

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3 Benefits Of Listening To Audiobooks To Learn French

There are two sorts of individuals in the world: those who read paperbacks and those who listen to audiobooks. Hey! No judgement here if you prefer one over the other. Besides, regardless of the format, reading is always fun, even if you're listening to it! So, let's look at three benefits of listening to audiobooks to learn French.

1. Adaptability

Unlike many other ways to learn a language, audiobooks don't have to be your only way to improve French. Many books come in text and audio versions, helping you improve your pronounciation of words to speak French like a native.

Audio Only Books

If you just sit back and listen to an audiobook, you'll get a lot of value out of it. Unlike on the radio, the speech is more ordered, allowing you to catch up on syntax and sentence structure.

Aside from getting acclimated to the spontaneous mixture of native speakers, the audiobook format offers a distinct way to test your listening abilities. Keeping up with a story can maintain your focus and give your understanding muscles a good exercise at the same time.

Text and Audio

Most audiobooks provide both text and audio functionality. This gives you a fantastic learning opportunity; having access to a written version of what you're listening to will be very useful to your language development.

There are many benefits to reading along with the audio. It makes the process more fun, keeps your pronunciation sharp, and may even help you read faster!

2. Availability

It's easy to think audiobooks are a little old-fashioned since they aren't actively promoted. You could be picturing the junk drawers at the library that are filled with CDs and cassettes. But much like everything else, audiobooks have been digitalized.

Audiobooks are now readily accessible and straightforward to obtain online. You can even choose to download them for free, or a subscription with audiobook platforms.

3. Flexibility

Audiobooks are portable so that you can listen anywhere. Nobody will be offended if you listen to them while running or on a packed bus. They won't even be aware of what you are doing. Besides, they'll notice that whatever you're listening to is a whole lot quieter than the classic rock being played on the car radio down the street!

Audiobooks may also be started and stopped anytime you choose since they are portable. Finding time for them is simple, no matter how hectic your schedule is. It's easy to study for a few minutes here and there, and you can be assured that those minutes add up rapidly!

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Top 10 Audiobooks for French Learners

We gathered the 10 best French audiobooks to help you learn French. We included books for beginner to intermediates, along with a range of categories from adventure to academic, to accommodate to all your needs.

1. Learn French With Paul Noble


A novel, fascinating method of learning a language that appeals to people in a simple, uncomplicated way since it is audio-only. No memorization needed. No possibility of failure.

In the first section, you'll learn basic grammar principles - how to use the past tense, where to look for French phrases that are used in English, how to ask inquiries, and the terminology you'll need for reserving a hotel room, hailing a cab, and dining out.

The second section covers pronunciation - where you are from and what you do, how to ask for directions, and essential words at the tourist office.

In the third section - you'll practice and review the present-tense verb tenses, gender distinctions, and terminology for speaking with doctors.

Course review: This is a beneficial chance to evaluate the whole course and put what you have learned into practice.

Writer’s Background

Despite being a genius with an IQ greater than Einstein - Paul Noble, still had trouble with language acquisition at school. He discovered he was "confused, powerless, and unable to say anything true."

Because of his unpleasant early experiences, Paul has developed a revolutionary new approach to teaching languages that do not need months of study. Paul Noble makes it easy for everyone to communicate in French.

Readers Review

I have taken French in the past, but this course gives me hope that I will be able to actually come away with useful knowledge. Paul Noble does an excellent job with the narration and the material is presented in a way that is really making the concepts stick. I never thought I had a prayer at becoming multilingual before now. I highly recommend this book to anyone who thought language-learning was impossible! ~ From C.Hardin on Amazon

2. Short Stories In French For Beginners


Listening to this audiobook is enjoyable as you acquire a wide variety of new vocabulary thanks to the eight tales in various thrilling genres. They range from crime and thriller to science fiction and history.

Do you feel intimidated to listen to a whole audiobook in French? Do not worry. It uses beginner words, appropriate for your level. Richards has also included the 1000 most common terms to support your confident progress of improving your French language.

The book also contains real-world conversations to help you pick up everyday slang and hone your public speaking skills. Amazing! It's far simpler to learn a language when you're having fun. Besides, if you're having fun listening to a foreign language, you won't feel the typical sensations of irritation like "It's too hard!" or "I don't understand!". Audiobooks are accessible grammar lessons that makes learning new structures stress-free and natural. What more do you need!

Writer’s Background

When Olly Richards purchased a one-way ticket to Paris at 19, he began studying his first foreign language. Olly had to learn French from scratch since he was never exposed to it as a child and lacked a natural aptitude for languages. After studying languages around the globe for twenty years, Olly is now regarded as a language genius.

Readers Review

I was totally happy with this audiobook of French language short stories. It was at a level that I could understand and learn from. The speakers spoke slowly and enunciated clearly. This audiobook was a big help for me in my journey to learning to communicate in the French language. ~ From Peakbagger on Amazon

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3. 101 Conversations In Intermediate French


101 Conversations in Intermediate French immerses you in a real-world scenario that develops amongst six French individuals, each of whom tells the story from their perspective. With over 15,000 words of authentic French, you'll get sucked into a riveting French story while also learning a lot about the language.

Writer’s Background

101 Conversations in Intermediate French, written by acclaimed author and language instructor Olly Richards, provides you a unique opportunity to practice speaking authentic French. You'll talk more confidently, be better equipped to use French in everyday situations, and make significant progress toward fluency!

Readers Review

I started listening to this audio book to improve my French listening comprehension. The story was interesting & funny at times. It was a bit weird that they have men doing the voices of the women & children & unfortunately the narrator was no Jim Dale, I’m sad to say. Nevertheless I’m glad that I listened to this audio book. It has improved my ability to understand conversational French & that was my goal. ~ From Lia on Amazon

4. Hunger Games (French Version)


A game show is developed in a dystopian future on the remains of the United States in order to terrorize the populace. Everyone is required to watch this evil reality program live, in which twelve lads and twelve girls are selected at random. In the arena, there is only one rule to follow: survive at all costs.
Katniss doesn't waste any time taking her sister's place to compete in the Hunger Games. She settles in, mindful of the threat.

Writer’s Background

Kelly Marot is a French actress and dubbing specialist. Her siblings are Tony Marot and Sarah Marot, both actors.
She is the voice of Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, Sophie Turner, Margaret Qualley, Florence Pugh, and Kat Dennings in their French-speaking roles.

Readers Review

I like to listen to Hunger Games in french, because I could pratice the french language. And I think the fact that I had not read the book yet, helps me to focus on this version. I usually listen french books that I already know the story. Listening a book I didn't know the plot improve more the language skill. However, sometimes was dificult to understand Kelly's pronuciations. In the spite of this fact this version is very good, with a vocabular easy to understand. ~ From Paula on Amazon

Histoire des femmes Eleanor book cover

5. Histoire des femmes: Eleonore


1926 in Lanaudière. The Couturiers are having financial difficulties with only eight mouths to feed. Marion, a thirteen-year-old, is forced to accept a job with the affluent Irish family of O'Gallaghers. The manor's chef, Éléonore Légaré, who has a great heart becomes attached to her new protégé despite her rustic appearance, then takes care of the young adolescent. Despite the rules, James, the son of the masters, and Marion interact without fully comprehending the unwritten rules that control the floors. Already, Josette Couturier notices that her daughter has undergone significant change after being employed. In this powerful book, the O'Gallaghers' destiny crosses that of the affable Lafrance family from the popular A Simple Love Story series, which is now headquartered in Montreal. Fatality and anguish are intertwined in this powerful tale. Unmissable tasty appointment!

Writer’s Background

Louise Tremblay D'Essiambre is a renowned French novelist who wrote several famouse books such as Place des Érables and Mémoire d'un quartier.

Readers Review

I am always impressed with the turn these stories take. Even after several series of this kind, she manages to be different and endearing. Bravo! ~ From Pierre Frigoriste on Amazon

6. Le Petit Prince


This epic philosophical story has become a literary classic and has traveled the globe. With the exception of the Bible, it is also the work that is read and translated the most in the whole globe. Regardless of your age, you will be moved by the young prince's joie de vivre, naivete, and youth. Find it here in an audio version adapted from the whole text, complete with opulent narration and the voices of talented performers to capture each character.

Writer’s Background

Saint-Exupéry spent 28 months in America, where he wrote three of his most important books. After that, he joined the Free French Air Force in North Africa, even though he was well over the age limit for pilots and his health was getting worse. On July 31, 1944, he was on a reconnaissance mission from Corsica over the Mediterranean. When he didn't come back, people believed he died. Even though the plane's wreckage was found off the coast of Marseille in 2000, the real reason why it crashed is still unknown.

Readers Review

I liked the structuring of this audiobook version. English language being my first language, it was difficult for me to practice my French skills and to understand most of the words. However, I did notice some improvement while practicing my French with this audiobook and will definitely continue to listen to it. Plus the narrator's pronounciation of the words is very clear. Overall, very good audiobook! ~ From Perlarouab from Amazon

Sapiens Une breve histoire de l'humanite book cover

7. Sapiens: Une Brève Histoire De L’humanité


This fascinating, smart, and daring work blends history and science, and challenges conventional wisdom as mankind enters a new cognitive revolution. The book also analyses the presaging in the advancement of fields like neuroscience and artificial intelligence, among others.

In the midst of a worldwide cognitive revolution that will have far-reaching consequences, Sapiens is a clever and challenging essay on our shared global history.

Writer’s Background

Yuval Harari is an Israeli public intellectual, historian, and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Department of History. His best-selling science books include 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2018). His works explore the concepts of free choice, awareness, intellect, joy, and pain.

Readers Review

Wow! I have just finished this pretty large book. This is an amazing story about us human or sapiens. According to Harari we are here because of indeterministic and chaotic reasons. I am not sure about that. But otherwise the book is full of information and insights.
I highly recommend it! ~ From Nicolas Robatel on Amazon

8. Les Misérables


The five parts of Les Misérables, one of the finest works of French literature, are now accessible as an audiobook, which is a remarkable recording.

Names like Jean Valjean, Cosette, the Thénardiers, Gavroche, or Javert have meanings independent of the events that gave rise to them. These miserable individuals are referred to as both prototypes of the human race and as the byproducts of a system that breeds destitution, ignorance, and hopelessness.

Writer’s Background

Hugo (26 February 1802 – 22 May 1885) originally gained notoriety in France for his plays, novels, and poems. His most well-known poetry volumes are La Légende des siècles and Les Contemplations. His most well-known works are his novels Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris, which is also known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame in English.

Readers Review

I've long wanted to read this book in particular, and I've recently wanted to increase reading in French in general - Fred's modernized adaptation is perfect. The original is over 1000 pages, but Fred's version is fewer than 100 - much more manageable. I look forward to more adaptations in the future - Fred, make one for Les Liaisons Dangereuses next! ~ From H.M on Amazon

Sois belle et tais toi book cover

9. Sois belle et tais-toi


Mylène has every reason to be content. It's a second chance at happiness, Stephane. He is a man with women like so many others, with his qualities and his minor flaws, but good... a man will never cease to be a man, no! Josée and Cynthia make more or less subtly worded attempts to enlighten Mylène, but she prefers to bury her head in the sand and ignore the warning signs brought on by her spouse's occasionally dubious behavior.

She still struggles to find her partner's comments as amusing, naughty, and innocent as they once were. Too many things suddenly become blinding when his world erupts. Among other things, what is now acceptable and what is not. A fun read that poses the "real" questions. Be beautiful and shut up is for individuals who see a day when men and women will work together to replace the culture of fear with one of respect.

Writer’s Background

Ovidie is a French writer, producer, ex-porn actress, journalist, director, actor, and journalist. She gained fame as a porn actor from 1999 to 2003, and since then, she has authored several books, directed pornographic movies as well as documentaries.

Readers Review

I hope I could be as strong as Mylène! The narration is good, although I would have like a few more intonations to more clearly identify certain characters.
Despite everything, I really enjoyed listening. ~ From G.H on Amazon

10. La reine des neiges (Adapted for adults)


A priest was brutally murdered at a residential school in the early 1970s. The unbelievable suicide of a journalist's granddad who would have done everything to uncover the truth. An exiled Native American shaman who lives in seclusion in the middle of a mysterious forest. An ancient being created by ice and famine that is prepared to take back control of its ice kingdom. A dreadful myth that everyone has forgotten... Flee. It's approaching quickly. No one will be spared. Earth freezes, trees fall, and the air is infectious. If you don't want to be six feet under the snow when you finish, run. A confusing retelling of the well-known story by Andersen.

Writer’s Background

Andersen was a Danish novelist who lived from 2 April 1805 to 4 August 1875. He was a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poetry, but his literary fairy tales are what people most often associate him with.
Andersen's fairy tales, which span nine volumes and 156 stories, have been translated into more than 125 languages. They are easily accessible to young readers while also imparting lessons on virtue and resiliency in the face of misfortune to older readers.

Readers Review

What a clever modification! Well done—my heart is still pounding! This story comes highly recommended. ~ From Auraure on Audible

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Audiobooks To Learn French Fast

Learning French should not feel like a chore. Afterall, you choosing to learn French means that you're interested in the language. So have fun listening to audiobooks as you'll enjoy the plot AND improve your vocabulary.

If you enjoy this concept, have a look at our list of French Youtubers to learn French to have even more options! So listen up and enjoy the beauty of French language!