Speechling Spanish has been released!

Speechling is proud to announce the release of Spanish to our collection. We have been working hard with Latin American vocal talent for the release, and are proud to offer the full content collection of our English and French programs.

About our vocal talent

Our vocal talent and translation staff was assembled from a diverse set of people: a Google engineer, a Juarez radio announcer, and a designer from Leon.

Both male and female editions are available.

How does Speechling work with three languages?

If you want to learn, say French and Spanish at the same time, we have you covered. All you have to do is go to the "Settings" page and change your languages. Your progress is automatically saved.

Different vocal coaches will correct you for each separate language, and it is all aggregated on the History page.

Additionally, you can vary your difficulty rating on the Settings page for different languages. If you want to practice Intermediate English and Beginner French at the same time, go for it!