Speechling's roadmap: Spanish and Chinese incoming

Launch and first users!

Huge thanks to the initial cohort of early adopters. You guys have been influential in helping Speechling improve our product to our full capacity.

We're looking to continue to offer free language coaching and personalized feedback.

What's next?

Speechling is looking to include:

  1. More language support: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and much more coming!
  2. A wider collection of English and French spoken sentences for our users.
  3. More Voice Actors for a variety of different voices and accents (all native, of course).

Come to our social group to request new sentences and languages, as well as talk directly to the creators of Speechling.

So, what can you expect?

Weeks 1-2: Language expansion

We're very happy with the initial offering of English/French. Currently, our research indicates that Spanish, followed by Chinese will be the next two langauges offered.

Both of those languages will have full support:

  1. Side by side audio playback
  2. Authentic voices in both genders
  3. Daily personalized feedback

We're happy to report that we will be offering any-to-any language learning services. Want to learn Chinese from French? Spanish from Chinese? We've got you covered.

Weeks 3-5: More language expansion

We're looking to add more languages, and potentially a richer vocabulary set here. Additional coaches for English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

We're open to language requests, so please send an email to us at devon -at - speechling -dot- com for anything language related.