10 of the Best TED Talks to Watch in Spanish

10 of the Best TED Talks to Watch in Spanish

Have you ever watched a TED talk?

The TED movement began in the 1980’s as the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference. It was a very exclusive conference held once a year in California.

In 2001, the conference was sold and turned into a non-profit dedicated to spreading ideas.

The movement has spread thanks to the online availability of TED talks. Over 2000 TED talks have been viewed 8 billion times. TEDx conferences, a localized version of TED, are held in 180 countries.

During these conferences, a line-up of speakers delivers talks throughout the day. These talks are delivered in less than 18 minutes and are meant to inspire, entertain and make you think. That's what a TED talk is.

Personally, I like watching TED talks to see what other people in the world are experiencing. Plus, it’s a nice short break from the everyday grind. It's a passive way to learn that's different from playing games or listening to podcasts.

Recently, I started to watch TED talks in Spanish.

It’s a double dose of education. You get to learn a new story or experience and learn Spanish at the same time. I put the subtitles on in Spanish so I can improve my listening skills. Watching TED talks from various Spanish-speaking countries helps me pick out certain nuances in the different dialects.

In addition, I get the inspiration to be a TED speaker myself.
The talks listed below are the ones that I found most interesting. They cover sports, design, health, and culture. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

ignacio iglesias partido

¿Y Si Nos Conocemos? (And What Do We Know?)

What’s it like to be a soccer referee at the highest level? Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva describes in detail the psychology behind managing a game and 22 millionaires on the field. Villanueva was the only first level referee from Galicia in the 2010-2011 season. This talk was delivered at TEDxGalicia in 2012.

argentina blind futbol team

How Argentina's Blind Soccer Team Became Champions

"You have to get out there and play every game in this beautiful tournament that we call life."

That's what Gonzalo Vilariño says in this TED talk from the 2016 TEDxRiodelaPlata confrence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this talk, Vilariño talks about the power of self-belief that transformed a group of blind soccer players into two-time world champions

Math is forever TED talk

Math Is Forever

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón gives a charming response to the question ¨Why do we need math?" The question of math's usefulness is universal.

This is another talk given at the TEDxRiodelaPlata conference. This was from 2015.

What does suger do to your brain?

Como Azúcar Afecta El Cerebro

How does sugar affect your brain? This 4 minute animated video will make you question reaching for a sugary snack.

Don't go to the gym anymore TED talk

No Vayas Más Gimnasio

This talk was of interest to me as a Fitness Coach. Julian Rud talks about fitness in a way that a lot of us can relate to. For most of us, working out is a pain. Rud's talk from 2015's TEDxPlazadelLector conference has a humorous way to turn the pain of working out into pleasure.

Why are video games works of art? TED talk

Por Qué Son Obras De Arte Los Videojuegos

Why are video games works of art? That question can lead to the deeper discussion of what defines art.

According to María Luján Oulton, if we define art by beauty, thought-provoking and as a reflection of society, then video games should be considered art. She then demonstrates this by looking at 6 video games in her talk given at the 2015 TEDxRiodelaPlata conference.

Como Construir la Mejor Casa del Mundo

Cómo Construir La Mejor Casa Del Mundo

If you are a fan of architecture, you will love this talk.

Bejamín García designed a home that won the Best House in the World award at the World Architecture Festival in 2010. The Costa Rican architect describes how he designed the home for his mother, called A Forest for a Moon Dazzler. The stunning bamboo home is in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

García's talk was given at TEDxPuraVida earlier this year.

Ministerio del Tiempo TED talk

Las Historias de la Historia

One of the most popular shows on television in Spain is Ministerio del Tiempo. The premise of the show is that within Spanish government, there's a Minister of Time, who protects the doors of time travel so that no one can change history.

The producer of the show, Javier Olivares, appears at TEDxMadrid about how weaving the story of Spain within a good drama can make people fall in love with their country again.

Creativity TED talk

Onto Creatividad

How can creativity impact your life? Cuauhtli Arau Méndez says that creativity is born within us and how we reach our highest potential. This talk from is TEDxDF in Mexico City, Mexico in 2009.

Our creativity is shown through 6 dimensions: emotions, mobility, thought, biology, spirituality, and sexuality.

The power of a conversation TED talk

El Poder De Una Conversación

Alvaro Gonzalez-Alorda delivered his talk called The Power of a Conversation at TEDxSevilla 2013. As the founder of emergegap, a business consulting firm, he discovered that conversations have the power to transform companies.

Conversations also have the power to transform relationships within companies, from executives to lower-level employees. The trust that's built from conversations leads to powerful collaborations.

heart and brain connection

Secretos De la Relación Corazón-Cerebro

How are the heart and brain connected? The answer to this question by surprise you. Argentine neurologist Luciano Sposato is one of the leading experts on this subject. In this talk from TEDxRiodelaPlata, he talks about the heart and mind are connected and the impact that connection has on our lives.

This connection affects everything from decision-making to how we experience events like the World Cup. Essentially, when the heart breaks from stress or loss, the brain is impacted and vice versa.

learn from watching TED talks in Spanish

Open Your Mind and Learn

These TED talks will give you ideas about art, culture, health, science, and sports. The more I watched TED talks from all over the world, the more I realized how small the world is. Even though these talks were delivered in various countries, these themes are universal.

These talks also further your learning by enhancing your listening skills.

I would love to know what you discover watching these and other TED talks in Spanish. Feel free to comment below.