20 Workout Words You Must Know in Spanish

Are you a fitness buff? You can apply your passion for fitness to learning Spanish. Click here to learn how.

20 Workout Words You Must Know in Spanish

Are you a fitness buff?

You can apply your passion for fitness to learning Spanish. There are workout words in Spanish that you can use during your workout. As a fitness coach living in Spain, I would do my workouts outside, and practice Spanish while I was out and about.

I would take a suspension trainer and hook it up to a pull up bar. I’d then do my workouts. People would come up to me and ask me questions, which forced me to learn Spanish workout vocabulary quickly.

If you’d like to know how you can apply your learning during your workout, keep reading.

These are the top 20 workout words you must know to have a great workout.

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How to use Spanish Words in Your Workouts

Before we jump right in with a list of vocabulary words, let’s go over simple ways you can learn Spanish by working out.

The first step to add learning to your workout is to start with simple words first. A couple of ways to do that is to learn how to pronounce body parts, exercises, and equipment in Spanish.

Because you’re working with only one to two words at a time, it becomes easy to memorize and it build up your confidence to take on more complex phrases.

Write your words down on flash cards and use pictures to enhance your memorization.

The second step is to count your reps in Spanish. This will help you internalize numbers and learn them quickly. We’ll go over numbers in more detail below.

The third step is to write your workouts down in Spanish. Writing words down has been proven to help your memory. Again, doing this will help you internalize the words and exercises.

The fourth step in learning Spanish during exercises is to practice phrases in Spanish. Think of situations at the gym when you’re talking to people. It can be people in your yoga class, or people who want to jump on a machine in between sets.

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20 Workout Words You’ll Need to Know

Now that you know how to incorporate Spanish words into your workout, which ones are the words you need to know?

Confidanza en si mismo

Push Ups
Flexiones de brazos
Pull Ups
La cinta
La fuerza
Pesos, pesas
To be fit
Estar en forma
To lose weight

To get tired
To contract
To repeat
To relax

You’ll find that some workout words don’t need translation. For example, I use a suspension trainer for my workouts. It’s easy to translate trainer suspension. Some words, like yoga and kettlebells don’t require translation at all.

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Know Your Numbers

When you’re working out, you need to count your reps. You may be able to count from 1 to 10, but what about beyond that?

The easiest way to learn numbers is to start with numbers from 1 to 10. Then learn to count by 10s.


The numbers in between the 10 numbers are easy to learn. Just add the two together. To say the number 55 is cincuenta y cinco. Then 94 is noventa y cuatro.
Using this method makes it easy for you to count your reps. Practice counting in Spanish during your workout.

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Remember to Use Kilometers

Are you a runner? Then you’ll know that some races are in kilometers (kilómetros)and others are in miles(millas).

In most Spanish-speaking countries, kilometers is the measurement of choice.

If you’re on a run, how can you easily convert miles to kilometers in your head? Use the Fibonacci method. It’s a sequence that is the sum of the two numbers preceding it.

For example, 1 = 0+1; 2= 1+1; 3=1+2, etc.

That method works well for kilometers/miles conversion as well. All you need to know is that a 5K run is 3.1 miles. You can then do the math in your head based on that.
3 miles = 5 kilometers; 6 miles = 10 kilometers; 9 miles = 15 kilometers.

It’s not perfect, but you can get a good estimate in your head.

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Workout Phrases to Learn in Spanish

Once you have basic vocabulary down and feel comfortable with it, you can graduate to longer phrases. This will help you learn grammar and will build confidence.

She’s at the gym now.

Ella está en el gimnasio.

Yesterday, she didn’t go to the gym.

Ayer, ella no fue al gimnasio.

He stopped skating and entered the basketball gym.

El dejó de patinar para entrar al gimnasio de basquetbol.

How many days do you work out a week?

¿Cuántas veces a la semana haces ejercicio?

How many sets do you have left?

¿Cuántas series te quedan?

You'll find that the more you practice Spanish during your workouts, the more phrases you'll discover and learn.

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Working Out in Spanish is a Discipline

I’ve mentioned this in previous articles, and it’s worth repeating as a reminder to you.

There are many parallels between working out and learning Spanish. Both require an investment of time and energy.

They also require a structure and a plan.

Learning Spanish without a structure is like trying to workout without a plan. You have no direction. When you go to work out, you might work on a few machines, but you have no idea if the exercises are helping you or not.

They both require commitment. You also need clear goals, which will get you over the obstacles that will come up.

When you have these pieces in place, learning Spanish and working out are easy to incorporate into your busy schedule.

For tips on how you can create goals and structure in learning Spanish, check out the Spanish blog.