Top 5 English Cartoons To Improve Your English

Want to improve your English language but without the stress of learning? Have a look at our list of English cartoons for beginners and advanced speakers!

Top 5 English Cartoons To Improve Your English

Did you know that cartoons aren't just for making children laugh and entertaining them but they are also targeted to adults? Shocker right!

Since we watched children's cartoons since little, now as adults, we may see how ridiculous they were. Maybe you prefer watching movies to help you understand different English accents, but don't refuse cartoons yet!

While most of the cartoons produced are geared toward children, this is not an unbreakable rule. Do you know of cartoons like Futurama and The Simpsons? They all use this aesthetic to showcase characters that are a little more mature in a lighthearted and humorous way.

Cartoons can provide you with all that and much more, whether you want fascinating stuff, loads of action, or something more mature. In this article, we look at how cartoon shows help improve your English. We also offer some recommendations if you are beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Let's get started!

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Why Cartoons Can Help You Learn English

So, you have heeded our information above and decided to watch a kid's show to practice your English. What an excellent idea! Here is why:
Cartoon voice performers speak clearly. That indicates that they say enough for everyone to understand.

You can learn from native conversations and expressions because social interactions are a common theme in children's cartoons. These cartoons use easy terms for beginners to grasp while also including many new, complex words for more experienced learners.

When viewing a program for extremely young children, you should be aware that it frequently repeats phrases, words, and even entire sentences.
They often last for 20 minutes or less. Sometimes an episode is divided into two parts, each lasting 10 minutes.

There are animated series created exclusively to help you learn new phrases and words. If you're seeking a fun approach to study, cartoons are ideal for you!

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Using Subtitles Can Help You Read English

Does watching English-language movies with subtitles make learning the language more efficient? Or are subtitles only crucial at a particular stage of learning English?

When you are a novice or lower intermediate, subtitles are most helpful. Why is this so?

At beginner levels, using English subtitles may be a huge help, but as you progress, its value decreases. The notion is that you must challenge yourself to improve.

The "zone of proximal development" is a psychological notion we apply to learn. It is believed that learning occurs best if what you are doing is just a little bit challenging—but not too hard.

You won't learn much if your assignment is too tricky, as you may give up. However, you won't learn anything if it's too simple. The sweet region in the middle is where effective learning takes place.

Subtitles can be thought of in that way. If viewing a film in English with no subtitles is too challenging, adding subtitles can help it return to the point where learning is most successful.

However, if utilizing subtitles is too simple, it will once more stray from the norm. At that moment, removing the subtitles will help you learn more. So, let's look at how subtitles can help you learn English.

Benefits Of Using English Subtitles To Learn English

It turns out that using English subtitles when learning English has some real advantages. We have discussed two benefits down below. Do have a look.

1. Language Benefits

According to several studies, captions can be valuable for language learning and skill development.


When learning a language, there is a stage where we educate our brains to "match" how a word looks with how it sounds. This is a crucial stage since it enables us to cultivate the appropriate linguistic "voice" in our minds.

It assists us in deciphering word pronunciation and determining the boundary between words. Practicing your eye-ear coordination while listening to audio with subtitles can be beneficial.

These advantages are available whether you're reading transcripts while listening to a podcast, watching a movie with English subtitles, or even reading an audiobook while listening.

2. Enjoyment Benefits

Another thing to consider is whether you can follow the story in the film or television show without subtitles and if that irks you.

This is why my roommate's family friend mastered Portuguese via soap operas with subtitles. She did enjoy them sufficiently that she continued to do so even when she couldn't fully understand what was being said. She would also closely observe them. That exposed her to a ton of language. She devoted so much time immersed in Portuguese that she eventually learned it.

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Top 5 English Cartoons To Improve Your English

You probably like visiting friends and family or going on long walks on the beach on weekends. Well, how about adding watching cartoons to your list of things to do over the weekend? Trust me, you'll not only laugh and have fun, but you'll also learn by improving your English. Check out these top 5 starter packs!


1. Word Party

Word Party stays true to its name and aims to introduce new terms to young viewers. In the first episode, the trio (Kip, Bailey, Lulu, and Franny) investigate the unexpected arrival of some furniture.
Remember that this animation is for younger children; mature viewers may find it silly.

How To Learn From It

If you can comprehend less than 50 percent of the characters' words, focus on how they behave and feel. Is anyone feeling depressed, enraged, or hungry?
Try to understand why the character is acting in that manner, and pay close attention to the words they use to communicate.

2. Dora, The Explorer

Dora is an excellent animation for English learners since she requests feedback and waits for it. Nothing seems hurried or unclear, which is another plus.
The audience is never lost since there are ample breaks between each character's sentences. The plot develops gradually and you can easily understand the story line.

You may even pick up some Spanish terminology by listening to recordings in the original tongue.

How To Learn From It

Use it effectively by repeating whatever the character says during conversation gaps. Answer Dora's inquiries, even if it makes you seem dumb.


3. Peppa Pig

British English is used in the original Peppa Pig episodes, which is excellent for anybody wanting to learn the language and adjust to the changes between American and British English pronunciation and spelling.

How To Learn From It

Pay close attention to each individual's actions, particularly those they take throughout a typical day. Consider how the character organizes their statement, mainly how they employ verbs and nouns.


4. Avatar, The Last Airbender

If you like anime, you will undoubtedly enjoy this animation, provided you haven't already watched it. The Last Airbender combines hilarious combat scenes, massive battles, and a hint of romance.

How To Learn From It

Pay attention to how the characters speak and how they each employ a distinct tone and timbre. Despite having a distinctive sound, each voice actor generally speaks coherently. Because of this, it's wise to solely use the English subtitles while watching, or even take a risk and turn them off entirely.


5. SpongeBob SquarePants

Since it is intended for somewhat older children, SpongeBob features more complex jokes, a more comprehensive range of vocabulary terms, and conversations that go from loud to quiet in an instant.

How To Learn From It

SpongeBob SquarePants characters speak as real people do, so pay close attention to this. For instance, the characters omit terms from their speech, including contractions of phrases like "gonna," "wanna," "watcha," and many more.

In animations targeted for young children the characters would usually use "going to," "want to," and "what are you." This demonstrates how formal and casual speech differ.

You might not fully understand what they say because they sometimes babble confusingly. Keep in mind that subtitles are available to assist you at all times!

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Cartoons Are The Way To Go

Picking up a new language shouldn't be tedious or uninteresting. Many enjoyable ways to study English don't compromise the value of fresh learning opportunities. I hope viewing and understanding the programs on the above list will be a terrific experience for you.

If you want to take your French skills to the next level, you should focus on stepping up the ante for advanced and intermediate students. However, we're already warning you that lessons at a higher level won't be as simple.

It is better to consider hiring a tutor if you believe you are struggling with a subject. To choose the ideal instructor for their budget and needs, students can use virtual education platforms like Speehling. They are perfect if you want to improve on your pronounciation and sound like a native!