5 Best Japanese Online Learning Tools For Japanese Classes

5 Best Japanese Online Learning Tools For Japanese Classes

After years of hard work, you’re gaining a real mastery over the Japanese language. Thanks to Japanese online learning tools or in-person Japanese classes, you can now watch some of your favorite anime without subtitles and engage in small talk with that lovely sushi chef. However, we know that learning Japanese doesn't stop at getting a couple of sentences right. It comprises more, especially if you want to correctly speak and achieve the holy grail–reading a newspaper in Japanese.

Perhaps your initial Japanese online learning tools were for beginners. Perhaps you’re simply ready to switch up your approach. Whatever the case, we have your back. Sit tight! This article shares the best Japanese classes online for advanced Japanese students.

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Top 5 Advanced Japanese Online Learning Tools to Supplement Japanese Classes

There are so many Japanese online learning tools to choose from, but the truth is that the vast majority of them are geared towards folks who are just getting started in Japanese classes. We've handpicked some of the best choices for advanced learners like you.

Please note that, as we just mentioned, the following Japanese online learning tools offer excellent Japanese courses and help you improve as an advanced Japanese student. If you don't know anything about Japanese but are excited to check out some Japanese online learning tools for beginners, check out The Best Way to Learn Japanese From Zero.

1. Obenkyo

Obenkyo is one of the most popular Japanese online learning tools, and for good reason. It teaches users Japanese grammar and is a great pick even for advanced students. You can learn over 2,300 kanji on this app–all the way up through level 1-5 JLPT or Jouyou 1-7.

With its interactive and colorful display and stroke order feature, Obenkyo helps you retain what you learn. You even learn how to write correctly with the app's handwriting practice. Because Obenkyo focuses mostly on kanji, be sure to use it in conjunction with one of the Japanese online learning tools for speech, like Speechling.

2. Kanshudo

Kanshudo is an online coaching site that teaches all aspects of written Japanese. Registered students have access to various materials covering 14,406 kanji at the time of writing, taking you up through a bout an eighth-grade reading level in Japan. You get to choose your level and have the lessons tailored to fit.

Although there are certain materials you can access by just registering with their site, for utmost enjoyment, go pro! The pro version of Kanshudo has no restrictions, and you get total access to their resources. Plus, even the pro service is affordable; at $6 a month and $60 a year, you get access to premium content to help you continue to build your Japanese vocabulary.

3. Speechling

As an advanced Japanese student, learning how to pronounce Japanese words properly is imperative. Sometimes the improper pronunciation can hamper your ability to communicate, and some Japanese students focus so much on kanji that they never find time to work on their lackluster accent.

Speechling is one of the best Japanese online learning tools for pronunciation for advanced students. You can find over a thousand speaking exercises you can try on this app, and you get regular feedback from real Japanese tutors to improve your pronunciation. Coupled with a good-written Japanese resource, be it a book, YouTube channel, or in-person Japanese classes, you have a sure-fire combo to learning how to speak and write Japanese with Speechling.

4. Wanikani

Wanikani is also one of the most popular Japanese online learning tools. Under the helm of its adorable wani (crocodile) kani (crab) logo, Wanikani is perfect for beginners and advanced learners alike. After all, they boast of their students mastering 2,000 kanji and 6,000 vocabulary words in a year!

For those who are learning Japanese by themselves, this is a great way to learn how to read the language. However, if you’ve taken traditional Japanese classes and struggled with kanji (as many do), this is a great way to do some catch-up work. The site is one of the best to learn writing in Japanese casually and in time. Plus, their exclusive services are at affordable prices: at the time of writing, they charged anywhere from $9 for a monthly subscription for $299 for a lifetime subscription.

5. Comprehensive Japanese Grammar (Udemy)

The Comprehensive Japanese Grammar (Advanced/JLPTN1) is a course on Udemy geared toward students tackling the JLPTN1, the hardest level of Japanese certification. This course takes an asynchronous approach to tutoring students on how to read and write advanced Japanese sentences and phrases. It contains pre-recorded lessons and materials from experts in the field, allowing you to customize your approach. To make things more fun and boost memorization, the course also utilizes storytelling to teach advanced Japanese grammar.

With over a thousand participants and an average rating of 3.7, Comprehensive Japanese Grammar has the stamp of approval from other advanced Japanese students. You can either opt for the free or the paid version of this class depending on your needs. If you want to be awarded a certificate and have direct access to the instructor, cough up the dough for the pro version.

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Learning Japanese Pronunciation With Speechling

Apart from joining a school program or taking Japanese classes online, there are other ways to become better at Japanese. It helps most learners when your language learning approach is centered only on Japanese classes. Here are other steps you can take:

Japanese classes are great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students alike. However, to be able to learn a language fast and completely, you can't only rely on classes. Japanese online learning tools like the ones above can make a huge difference, as can Speechling’s great collection of blog posts for innovative ideas on leaning Japanese. For example, check out how to use raw manga readers to learn Japanese characters. You can also try tongue twisters to improve your Japanese pronunciation.

As you work on your pronunciation, remember to check out the Speechling app. We utilize innovative and scientifically proven methods to help you get rid of that gaijin accent. With repetition exercises and feedback from native Japanese speakers, Speechling helps you get more personalized pronunciation coaching than you can get in a classroom. So, find the Japanese online learning tools that work perfectly for you from any of the ones mentioned above, download the Speechling app, and start your advanced Japanese learning program. 頑張って!