The Speechling Scholarship

Everyone in the world deserves access to quality language education.

For those who are (1) in financial need and (2) need unlimited coaching, we are prepared to provide as many scholarships as possible to bring us closer to achieving Speechling’s mission.

How to Apply

Program Benefits

Qualified students will receive free lifetime access to Speechling Unlimited.

Eligibility is determined based on financial and educational need.

  1. Financial Need: Speechling Unlimited is prohibitively expensive for you.
  2. Educational Need: Learning or improving a language is valuable to you because of educational, vocational, or quality of life reasons.

When to Apply

Speechling’s executive team will review each application as it comes in. There is no deadline. Applications are reviewed every two weeks. If accepted, you will immediately be notified via email, and you will receive the scholarship immediately.

How To Apply

Prepare a 1-2 minute video, in your native language, answering the following questions:

If you do not have access to a video camera, audio-only submissions will be considered.

Send an email with the subject line “Speechling Scholarship Application” to and attach the video. Use a video/file sharing website if the file is too large.


Every 6 months, we will remind you via email to send us a 1 minute video or audio clip to show your progress with the platform. If possible, spend part of the time talking in the language that you’re trying to learn.

Inactive accounts will be returned to free user status.

We reserve the right to use your application materials and ongoing videos on our website to illustrate our mission.


Not sure if you're eligible? Send any questions about the scholarship to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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