Bring Speechling to Your Classroom

Are you a teacher or company that wants to teach students new languages?

Bring all the fantastic features of Speechling into your classroom, and more:

  • Tracking dashboard of all students, teachers, and classes.
  • See each student's progress and listen to their recordings.
  • Override feedback from our coaches at any time.
  • Super simple setup.
  • Custom URL for your school.
  • Top-of-the-line tech support from the Speechling Team.

How much does it cost?

Rates vary by volume, but our non-profit mission isn't to price-gauge companies and schools. We'll give you an honest, dead-simple yearly quote. No installation/setup fees. No surprises.

I'm worried about security/privacy.

You shouldn't be! We have a custom URL for each school that is not released to the public. Each student does their own registration, and we never store login information on our servers.

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Get a semester's worth of Speechling for Education for your students, free.

Schools have deployed it into classrooms within 1 week of contacting us.

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