The 13 Most Beautiful, Positive & Optimistic English Words & Expressions

The 13 Most Beautiful, Positive & Optimistic English Words & Expressions

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." - Willie Nelson

True, indeed. Language learning does not have to be hard. In fact, let's forget about grammar rules, native-like accents, pronunciation hacks and all of that for a second. Today's article serves to bring positivity into your world strictly through language.

As hard as English may get at times, it still has an abundance of words and expressions that are just "beautiful", for the lack of a better term. I'm talking about vocabulary that inspires, brings optimism, and evokes tears of joy in a given moment.

Ever experienced something so amazing or unusual that you cannot put it into words? A hidden emotion that can only be "felt" and "talked about" but never truly "defined" in plain English? Well, today's article might just help you out a bit.

woman enjoying music


If something sounds very pleasant and enjoyable, as if it's flowing through your ears without a single bad tone, then we say it sounds "mellifluous". Example:

It wasn't the instruments that gave melody to her songs, it was her mellifluous voice.


Ever had so many positive, valuable things happen to you one after the other in a very short time span? Well, it turns out there's a word for that. It's "serendipity". Example:

Life is just an adventure filled with sudden, serendipitous events that few find joy in.


If something's out-of-this-world and almost "heavenly", we call it "elysian". It's a bit of a poetic word, but it describes beautiful things just so... beautifully. Example:

I remember us running through the elysian streets of Palm Boulevard.

happy couple with a dog


Just another English word for "happiness" or "luck". Nonetheless, I personally always have a smile on my face while reading it compared to its synonym siblings. Example:

One could never describe the felicity of finding someone to truly love for an eternity.


Okay, so we've all done this, but most of us don't know the word that describes it. When we "run and jump happily at the same time", we actually "gambol". Example:

After acing all her finals, Joy was gamboling around the schoolyard the entire day.


We've all been in situations that made us want that one thing that could just solve all of our and the world's problems. Well, that thing's called a "panacea". Example:

Money isn't the panacea to all of the world's problems, okay?!

man watching the night sky


When you're at a literal loss for words to describe something, simply use this word. Something "ineffable" causes emotion or pleasure that cannot be described. Example:

At that moment, Jordan felt the ineffable joy of seeing her child succeed.


"Limerence" is the word that can actually explain and describe the feeling of having more than just a "crush" or "infatuation" for someone. Example:

My limerence for Bella knows no boundaries. I'll wait for her forever if I have to.


Let me put it this way: if you're crazy in love, you do all the things a saccharine person would. In other words, you're extremely sweet and overly sentimental. Example:

It was Andrew's saccharine character that got the best of Joanna.

a woman excited


Ever been to a great restaurant, met someone so special or just had an awesome time? Well, "being over the moon" is something that can actually be described in one verb - "enthuse". In other words, it's that unfiltered excitement and passion we have for something (or someone) that we want everyone to notice. Example:

Jay was enthusing over Black Panther ever since it came out!


If you enthuse over something, chances are you're probably "effervescent" about it, as well. It could be your job, your favorite teacher or sport. In my case, when "enthusiastic", "vivacious", and "ecstatic" are words that cannot describe my level of excitement for something, I simply use "effervescent". Example:

My dull mornings always brighten up after seeing my effervescent students in class.


In those hot summer days, all any of us crave is a gust of gentle, cold wind to give us that much-needed refreshment. In fact, that breeze is so important in our everyday lives, it even has a name in English - "zephyr". In slang, it also refers to an "extremely attractive" young man. It is kind of like the male equivalent of "babe". Example:

The sudden zephyr was like a miracle from God to help us survive that day.

three hearts


Last but not least, we find love. It is the key of all keys and truth of all truths in this world. I think we can all agree that "love" is simply the single most beautiful, optimistic, and positivity-infused word in the entire English language, which also concludes today's article.

You know what they say...

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. - Max Muller

If we apply the messages from this quote to learning and our love for the English language, there's not a single word out there that we won't find beautiful.

I hope the positivity and love from this article have found their way to you.

Until next time, enjoy the beauty of your new vocabulary and happy learning!