The Best Japanese Classes Online for Intermediate Japanese Students

The Best Japanese Classes Online for Intermediate Japanese Students

While learning any language, including Japanese, the intermediate phase is a huge accomplishment. It is that phase where you can now engage in casual greetings with close Japanese friends or order from your favorite sushi palace, but you can't watch your favorite anime without subtitles.

Getting stuck at the intermediate level for whatever reason can be frustrating. However, you don't have to remain an intermediate learner for long. Since the intermediate level simply builds on already mastered basics, the climb gets easier from here. One way to keep learning is with the right Japanese classes online, so read on! This article provides some of the best Japanese classes online for intermediate Japanese students.

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The Best Online Classes for Intermediate Japanese Students

There are so many Japanese classes to take as an intermediate learner, from regular old classes at your local community college to asynchronous Japanese classes online you can take at 3 a.m. on a Saturday if you want. We decided to handpick the best choices for you that are accessible wherever you are in the world. These Japanese classes online have some of the most comprehensive courses and affordable prices.

Before you keep reading, remember that these classes aren’t for beginners. If you aren't an intermediate or have just started learning, check out the best way to learn Japanese from zero on our site for the best way to begin. That aside, let's get started!

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute has a dedicated intermediate Japanese course that covers all intermediate Japanese students need to know. The coaching institute will introduce you to advanced Japanese grammar by writing, reading, speaking, listening, and balancing—all skills necessary to hone your Japanese learning skills.

As its name implies, this platform takes a school setting. They have semesters, dates, certified instructors from Tokyo, and even give certificates upon completion. The institute also boasts of using the “Ezoe method”—an acclaimed top-notch technique—to teach its students. Their class fee was around $350 USD at the time of writing, and classes are done on either zoom or Google meet.

edX Japanese Courses

edX offers several courses, including intermediate Japanese. Professional tutors have already laid out these asynchronous courses like this one, so you can access the class as you wish. The site includes video, written, and pictorial representations in lessons. This coaching pattern enables learners to get the utmost learning experience regardless of their learning style.

This course is free; however, there is a catch. To get access to a certificate at the end of the lesson, you will need to pay up. However, if you don’t need credentials, edX has you covered as you continue on your language learning journey.

Japanese Kanji Radicals Course (Udemy)

Udemy's Japanese kanji radicals course also takes an asynchronous approach to Japanese classes online. Its lessons are pre-recorded and pre-written materials from experts in the field. The course uses a fun storytelling method of teaching kanji to students, which has been proven effective for several decades.

You can either opt for this free class on Udemy. However, like with edX, there are limitations for the free version. Free users don't get access to a certificate, the instructor's Q&A, and the instructor's direct messages. Udemy, as a huge online course platform, has paid classes with more features available as well for various prices.

Learning Kanji

Learning Kanji is a YouTube tutoring platform that teaches students or Japanese enthusiasts the written form of Japanese. The platform extensively covers everything learners need to know about your standard Kanji. There are over 150 videos, and each video tackles a particular grade.

As an intermediate Japanese student, you can browse the channel and find the grade video applicable to you and learn from there. You are sure to get better as a writer and reader of Japanese, and you can use the videos to review your kanji or to learn new ones.


We hate to toot our own horn, but Speechling’s unique approach is spectacular for intermediate language learners. As an intermediate Japanese student, learning the proper pronunciation of Japanese words is a giant leap toward learning Japanese.

Speechling is an online coaching app that helps all levels of learners using both conventional and unconventional modes of teaching. You can try over a thousand speaking exercises on the app to help master Japanese, and you can send recordings to a native coach for feedback. Overall, this is one of the best resources out there for improving your accent and ability to speak fluidly. Coupled with a friendly class for written Japanese, you have a sure-fire combo for success.

Japanese Kanji Study

Japanese Kanji Study is admittedly not a class, but we decided to include it here because it’s a great supplemental resource for helping Japanese students learn how to write and read Japanese. This app is excellent for intermediate students because you can select a sequence that works best to learn hiragana, katakana, radicals, and kanji.

You can opt for that app's customizable flashcards and quizzes to memorize kanji effectively. The app also has several helpful features like an info screen and writing challenges. If you need help mastering the characters you covered in class, this is a great way to do it. It makes reviewing the countless kanji a lot more fun than traditional flashcards.

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Learn Japanese With Speechling

Beyond joining classes and taking numerous courses, there are other fun ways you can improve as an intermediate Japanese student. Here are two ideas you can integrate into your learning routine to master Japanese faster:

  1. You can learn Japanese music lyrics to supplement your Japanese language course
  2. Check out some of the best karaoke songs for learning Japanese.

While you’re getting creative with your online courses as an intermediate Japanese speaker, don’t forget to try to get rid of that accent! Like we mentioned earlier, Speechling teaches Japanese learners how to speak the language like a native. The software includes thousands of speaking exercises and language coaching. It can be hard to get personalized pronunciation coaching when working with a class, and Speechling can fill the void. So find one of the fantastic Japanese classes online, sign up for Speechling, and prepare to become one of those advanced Japanese students in short order!