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Speechling's curriculum is designed for language learners of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or nearly fluent, we have you covered.

What is our curriculum?

First, we suggest that beginners get acquainted with the most common words. In order to have good pronunciation in general, you must first learn the words. We have an audio collection of the most popular words in each language, recorded by professional voice actors of both genders.

Next, users should move on to sentences. We have thousands of sentences available, and these sentences should give you a sense of how to use the language in every day life. You should be able to internalize grammar rules as well as practice your pronunciation with your coach.

Finally, once you are able to hold a conversation, you can move on to our Conversations module, which involves answering questions, describing images, and bringing in your own study materials.

How do I access the curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on a skill tree, which you can access from the navigation bar.



In either case, click on the icon to access the skill tree.

You will see something that looks like this.



Introduction to the Skill Tree

The skill tree is divided into 4 different sections: Speechling Foundations, Speechling Core Curriculum, Speechling Conversations, and Speechling Phrasebook.

Speechling Foundations

This section is aimed at teaching anybody the building blocks of any new language: words. To access the units, simply click on the big icon.

What do the icons mean below the units?

Speechling uses a gamification system to track your progress through units. When you achieve a certain point in each unit, we award bronze and silver medals. When you are finished with an entire unit, we award the gold medal. Learn more about the badges system in the "How to Study" section.

Speechling Core Curriculum

This module is aimed at teaching grammar patterns and usage of words in everyday life via sentences. To access the units, simply click on the big icon.

Speechling Conversations

For upper intermediate and advanced students, we have a module for letting you practice your own natural speech. There are three units: answer the question, describe the image, and freestyle mode.

Unlike the prevous modules, there are no badges, because there are an unlimited amount of things you can do here.

Answer the Question

Rather than repeating after a native speaker, you get an answer prompt and need to answer the question in a recording.

Describe the Image

You can see an image and describe the image in a recording.

Freestyle Mode

You type what you want to say into a textbox and say it for your coach.

Speechling Conversations is a way to improve not only your pronunciation, but grammar, word choice, and anything related to speaking in general.

Speechling Phrasebook

Finally, Speechling Phrasebook is a collection of common phrases for everyday life and travel. It's perfect for a travel trip.

Next Steps

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