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Flashcards is a tool that can help build your vocabulary.

How It Works

First, listen to audio in the language you are trying to learn. Think of the translation, and then check your answers. By marking cards easy or hard, you can control the difficulty of future cards.

How to Access Flashcards

The flashcards exercise can be found in your toolbox, which can be reached by clicking on the Toolbox icon on the navbar, and then the flashcards icon on the dropdown.



How to Use Flashcards

Once the flashcards exercise is open, you will see a flashcard with the target sentences as well as male and female audio. You can click on the play buttons to play the audio, and the eye icons to hide and show the sentences.



To check your answers and flip the card, press "See Translation".

You will see the flipped card.



To flip the card again, press "See Original Sentence"

To move on to the next card, click on "I got it right!" if you got it right, and "I didn't get it right" if you did not. If you did not get it right, it will be shown in the future.

Reverse the Card

To reverse the native and target sentences and audio, click use the "Reverse Card" toggle in the settings.

You can also switch the module in the settings.



Recording Sentences

All exercises let you record the sentence and get feedback.

Simply press the record button and follow the same instructions on the quickstart to get feedback. You can check your feedback the same way as listed in the checking feedback guide.

Exiting in Mobile

To exit the exercise on mobile, press the x on the upper right hand corner.

Next Steps

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