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Dictation is one of the best ways to practice your listening comprehension and writing skills at the same time.

How It Works

Dictation is a simple 3 step exercise.

1. Listen to a native speaker say something.

2. Type it.

3. Check if you were right.

How to Access Dictation

Dictation can be found in your toolbox, which can be reached by clicking on the Toolbox icon on the navbar, and then the Dictation icon on the dropdown.



How to Use Dictation

Once dictation is open, you will see something similar to below.



To play the native audio, click the play button. Alternatively you can press the Ctrl + Enter if you are on the desktop version.

Next, type what the speaker is saying into the input.

Finally, press "Check Answer". If you are on the desktop version, you can also press Enter.

Check Answer

You will see something like this:

If you got the question right, you will go the next question immediately.

Otherwise, it will tell you which words you got right and which words you got wrong.

Give Up

You can also press "Give Up" to be shown the correct answer.

If this happens, you can mark the question for review by pressing "Mark for Review".

This will display the same question for you in the upcoming exercises.


You can also skip a question altogether by pressing "Skip".

Recording Sentences

All dictation exercises let you record the sentence and get feedback.

Simply press the record button and follow the same instructions on the quickstart to get feedback. You can check your feedback the same way as listed in the checking feedback guide.

Exiting in Mobile

To exit the exercise on mobile, press the x on the upper right hand corner.

Next Steps

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